The Premier Supplier of Stone Countertops & Surfaces in Singapore

The Premier Supplier of Stone Countertops & Surfaces in Singapore

At AURASTONE, our mission is to help you complete the perfect heart for your home, starting with the focal point of every kitchen - the countertop.

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Our Stone Surfaces

We carry a wide range of stone surfaces for use in any design concept.

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Kitchen Countertops

We understand that your kitchen countertop is not just a piece of stone in the middle of a room. It’s where your family will gather and grow, where you cement friendships, and where many of your pleasant memories will centre around.

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Bathroom & Living Room

Our stone surfaces are also commonly used to build beautiful feature walls and striking bathroom vanities.

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Commercial Projects

Our collection of premium stone surfaces can also be used in high-traffic public areas such as restaurants and retail stores or as the finishing touch for your corporate boardroom. We have helped many companies with their corporate renovations.

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Quartz & Stone Furniture

We have extended our expertise from quartz countertops and fixtures to quartz furniture. Our Uniq standing desk is the world's first quartz standing desk.

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