The kitchen sink is easy to dismiss but without it, the kitchen will never be complete. Buying a kitchen sink may sound simple, but there are things to consider before putting down the money.

Buying a Kitchen Sink? Things to Consider

1. Function: Wet and Dry Kitchen

Splitting the kitchen into wet and dry zones are becoming a trend. The wet kitchen is where real meals are made, while the dry kitchen is a place to whip up light snacks and socialise.

The segregation between the two kitchens creates more work efficiency, optimises storage capacity and also provides a lifestyle upgrade.

As such, the kitchen sink in the wet kitchen is typically bigger and wider to accommodate cleaning your fresh produce and washing your large pots and pans. Whereas, the dry kitchen usually spots a smaller sink for a simple clean up.

Hence, understanding what your plans are for the kitchen sink will determine the type, size and material you need.

2. Types of Kitchen Sinks

There are various types of kitchen sinks available in the market. However, the most common kitchen sinks in Singapore are the top mount and undermount kitchen sink.

Top Mount Kitchen Sink

Stylish gray sink with metal faucet on modern kitchen with wooden tabletop and plants. Good if buying a kitchen sink in Scandanavian style

The top mount sink has a visible rim that rests above the countertop. It is generally an inexpensive option and easy to install.

However, the rim of the sink poses some disadvantages. Besides taking up precious countertop space, it is easy for grime to build up around the rim.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

purchasing a modern kitchen sink

The undermount sink is mounted below the countertop surface. The rim is hidden between the ridges of the countertop and held in place using either silicone or caulk. Undermount sinks need to be professionally installed.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your countertop space, or loving the elegance of a seamless countertop surface, the undermount sink is the preferred sink for your modern kitchen. Without a visible rim, it makes cleaning your countertop so much easier with just a few quick sweeps into the sink.

3. Finding the Right Size

The size of the kitchen sink will depend on the size of your kitchen space, countertop and cabinet. When it’s too big, it risks overwhelming the kitchen appearance. But, when it’s too small, it defeats its function. You’ll need to find a balance between the overall kitchen design, space and function.

The standard single bowl sink is approximately 22-by-30 inches (56-by-76 cm). However, in many small kitchens, the sink size may be deemed a little too big.

Nonetheless, if you can afford the space, two is better than one. A double bowl sink allows you to work more efficiently by segregating your fruits, vegetables, dishes pre- and post-wash.Aurasink Leakproof Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - Single Bowl

Aurasink Leakproof Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - Single Bowl and Double Bowl Large Sink

4. Material and Maintenance

There are many elegant sinks made of different materials. The most common material is stainless-steel for its affordable price and easy maintenance.

There are other types of sink materials such as natural stone, composite material, enamel, fireclay and solid surface. Each material has its pros and cons in terms of price, weight, maintenance and aesthetics.

5. Can the Kitchen Sink Fit the Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop?

When selecting the kitchen sink, it goes hand in hand with the kitchen cabinet and countertop. Since the kitchen sink is fitted atop the kitchen cabinet, the cabinet has to be sturdy enough to accommodate the sink’s weight and depth.

There are lightweight sinks such as the more popular stainless-steel sinks to the heavier ceramic farmhouse sinks. Unless you are hauling your entire kitchen cabinet structure, you’ll need to choose the one that can be supported by your existing cabinetry.

6. Leakproof Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink leakages are common plumbing issues. The most common type of leakage is caused by silicone erosion. As such, water seeps into the cracks and flows underneath the outer sink within the cabinet.

Most times, these leakages go unnoticed until you get a whiff of rotting wood. By then, it would have been too late to save your kitchen cabinet.

Thankfully, leakproof sinks are now available. Unlike traditional top-mount and undermount sinks, Aurasink by Aurastone uses a revolutionary method of installation that guarantees waterproofing.

Aurasinks uses a unique clamp system that tightly secures the sink to the countertop until the silicone is completely dry. This creates a water-tight seal between the sink and the ridge of the countertop.

buy a leakproof kitchen sink

7. The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Solid surface integrated sink

Whether you’re looking to replace just your sink or renovate the entire kitchen, the considerations may differ slightly.

For an existing sink replacement, you will need to consider your current kitchen design and fixtures such as the cabinet and countertop. For example, an integrated sink that is moulded from the same countertop material looks extremely stylish and seamless. If either sink or countertop is damaged, you’ll have to replace the entire piece.

However, you’ll have more flexibility in selecting your kitchen sink if you’re remodeling the entire kitchen from scratch.

Invest in a Good Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is an investment. Find the sink that best complements your long-term needs, lifestyle and kitchen design. Buying a kitchen sink and a new countertop? Contact us for your modern kitchen solutions.

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