In a country like Singapore, where space is limited, it’s especially important to have a neat and tidy space. Clutter can be a byproduct of serious issues such as depression, or something as simple as a lack of storage space. It is both caused by and causes stress, which is why having a clean living space is not only aesthetically pleasing but is better for mental health as well.

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Factors Contributing to Messiness

Hoarding Tendencies

Some people tend to hold onto items, even if they are no longer needed or used. One possible reason is a result of growing up in difficult circumstances. People may develop a habit of saving things, believing they will be useful in the future and help save money in the long run. However, more often than not, these items are not needed, and nowadays, it is easy to buy them if necessary.

If left unchecked, hoarding tendencies may be a sign of or can develop into a hoarding disorder. In severe cases, the hoarder’s home is so cluttered that the room is unusable. This is especially detrimental because rotten food and trash accumulation over time can cause harmful germs, mould, and fungus, which lead to health risks and irreversible damage to the home.

Hoarding disorder often stems from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, so be sure to check up on the ones you love and get help as soon as possible to treat the root issue. Physical health limitations may also be another reason that the mess becomes too manageable, so consider asking for help with decluttering and cleaning.

Retail Therapy

Engaging in retail therapy can be a way to cope with stress, as it provides a temporary sense of happiness and satisfaction. Over time, the excessive accumulation of items from retail therapy can lead to clutter in your home. It is important to be aware that the initial rush of dopamine fades once you have acquired the item, leaving you with the need to continuously seek out new purchases.

Lack of Storage Solutions

One of the main reasons for a messy space is the lack of adequate storage solutions. When you have a lot of items still kept in their original boxes or shopping bags without a designated place to go, your space will inevitably appear cluttered.

Busy Lifestyle

Finding time to clean and organise your space can be challenging. However, putting off cleaning and tidying tasks can quickly lead to clutter and disarray because they will inevitably pile up.

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Tips on Keeping Your Space Clean

Develop a cleaning routine

Create a list of tasks and separate it by difficulty, then use your time management skills toi create a schedule. It’s recommended to do smaller, easier tasks on busier days, and bigger tasks such as laundry on days when you have more time. Make cleaning up fun by listening to music or gamifying your chores.

If you live with other people, it’s important to establish a team effort to maintain a clean environment. Create a fair schedule and assign tasks to each person to set clear expectations and make sure everyone contributes. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional cleaning service and have everyone chip in for the cost.

Declutter Regularly

One effective approach to having a clean space is to declutter and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Get rid of extra furniture items that end up being where you dump your items instead of putting them away in the proper spot. By letting go of items you don’t use, you can create a stress-free home environment that’s easy to maintain. Fewer items mean fewer things to clean and organise.

If the minimalist life isn’t for you, declutter until you have a manageable amount of items. If you want to buy something, make sure you get rid of something you already own to make space for the new item (the “one in one out rule”).

Create Designated Storage Areas

Invest in storage solutions that work for the space you have. Not only will it keep your space neat, but it will keep your items safe from dust and make them easier to find. Put baskets and bins near high-traffic areas like next to sofas, where people can put their miscellaneous objects inside them instead of sprawled over the sofa.

Hidden storage is ideal because it gets rid of visual clutter while keeping your environment looking nice. Consider furniture pieces that double as storage units such as sofas with storage under the seats or ottomans.

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Importance of Keeping a Clean Space

Having a neat environment to live in, especially if you have a tight space, reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances productivity. Declutter as much as you can, stick to a cleaning routine, create designated storage areas, and avoid impulse shopping. If you need help coming up with creative solutions for storage, consider hiring an interior designer. They can give design advice on how to make your space more aesthetic and more functional.

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