4 Types of Common Kitchen Sinks in Singapore

The kitchen sink is one of the main functional features of the kitchen. From prepping food to washing dishes, all matters of food hygiene happen mostly at the sink. Kitchen sinks come in varying sizes and materials – from the most common stainless-steel sinks, stone sinks to ceramic sinks. Selection of your kitchen sink depends on your needs, kitchen size and aesthetic preference.

Before that, let’s understand the available options in the market for kitchen sinks. There are 4 types of common kitchen sinks that are suitable for Singapore HDB homes.

Traditional Top Mount Sink

The top mount sink is also known as a drop-in sink. It is the most common sink you can find. You will be able to identify the top mount sink by its visible rims on the counter surface.

Installation and replacement of the top mount sink are very easy. For installation, just place the sink into the pre-cut hole of your countertop or, just lift it up from the hole if you are replacing it.

The rims are slightly higher than the surface of your countertop. Hence, it is easy for grime and residue to get caught around the rims. Homeowners need to spend a bit more time cleaning the around sides of the sink.

Because of its basic attributes, it cost much lesser than the undermount sink.

Traditional Undermount Sink

If you prefer a more streamlined and elegant finish to your sink, you can consider the undermount sink. The rims of the sink are well hidden beneath the countertop, thus providing your countertop more working space,

This sink is suitable for sturdier stone countertops like quartz, granite and even marble. Undermount sinks require a professional for installation to ascertain all the proper support and sealing are in place. Sinks that are not sealed properly may result in leakage that may damage the insides of your cabinets.

The size of the hole for your sink needs to be customised to fit your undermount sink perfectly. Due to the custom fit, replacing the undermount sink becomes more challenging because you will need to ensure the new sink replacement of the same size.

Overall, it is very easy to maintain an undermount sink without worrying about grime accumulating at the rim.

Integrated Sink

An integrated sink is also sometimes known as an integral sink. As the name suggests, the sink and the countertop are so seamless that you are not able to tell where it starts and end.

The countertop and the sink are usually made of the same material. If you love simplicity and sleek lines, this option is worth considering.

However, when either one is damaged, the entire countertop and sink have to be replaced. Although it is aesthetically pleasing, this can be a pricy affair should there be damages to either part of the fixture.

Farm Sink

The farm sink is also known as the apron sink. The unique feature of this sink is that you can see the exposed part of the sink facing you from the counter. The farm sink is installed by sliding it into the countertop, and depending if it’s a top mount or undermount sink, the rim either rests above or below the countertop.

If you want to inject a little traditional feature into your modern kitchen, the farm sink adds a touch of rustic charm to the home setting.

However, be aware that you may need to adjust your existing countertop because this sink design is wider and deeper than most conventional sinks.

Always Choose a Leakproof Sink

If you are planning to install a new sink in your new kitchen, always consult a professional to ensure that your kitchen sink is fitted perfectly to prevent plumbing issues like leakages.

Most traditional top mount and undermount sinks do not guarantee waterproofing. As such, homeowners find themselves in a quandary the moment they discover a leak which is often too late. The damages caused by leakages under the sink can set your finances back by S$2,750 just to replace the entire kitchen cabinets!

For peace of mind, Aurastone has developed a revolutionary leakproof sink to meet this concern of homeowners. The Aurasink is an undermount sink that uses a new installation method to prevent leaks. The customised clamping system ensures that the silicone dries up with the ridge intact, thus providing homeowners with the assurance of a leakproof design.

Best of all, it comes in 3 sizes to suit your kitchen needs at affordable prices.

Remember, whichever sink you choose for your kitchen, be sure to select one that is leakproof, durable and reliable. Don’t let a cheap kitchen sink fool you because a good sink is always more cost-effective in the long run.

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