Genuinely Leakproof Design Sink

We've helped many prevent their sink leakage issues

Did You Know?

Kitchen Sink Problems

On average, homeowners spend S$2,750 for kitchen cabinet replacements due to sink leakages.

Kitchen Sink Problems

Majority of homeowners do not know they have a kitchen sink leakage until a strong odour of rotten cabinet can be smelled.

Kitchen Sink Problems

Silicone erosion is the main cause of a sink leakage.

Kitchen Sink Problems

Traditional topmount and undermount sinks cannot guarantee waterproofing.

The Problems With Traditional Sink Installation

Undermount Installation

Undermount water seepage

Undermount Water Seepage Gateway

Topmount Installation

topmount water-seepage

Common topmount sink water seepage gateway

Typical Industry Solutions to Water Leakage

These kitchen sink options are relatively higher in cost and does not solve the root of the issue.

concete sink support

Concrete Sink Support

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Extra Silicone

Apply Extra Silicone

Introducing Aura Sink

The Revolutionary Undermount Sink

AURA Sink Design

New Installation Method Helps to Prevent Leaks

Customized clamping system gives confidence to our leakproof design. Making sure the silicone dries up with the ridge intact.

We've helped many prevent their sink leakage issues

Available Sizes

Handmade Stainless Steel Sink 18% chromium and 8% nickel • Material: SUS304 • Finish: Polished Satin


510mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 210mm(H)


650mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 210mm(H)


830mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 210mm(H)

Package Price Includes

Sink renovationpackage includes

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