Do you love cooking but find yourself getting agitated in the kitchen? Is the entire cooking process a stressful task for you? While some may just blame it on bad feng shui, there is a science towards creating a stress-free kitchen that is functional and joyful.

Take a look around your kitchen and you may identify those stress triggers. For those who plan to renovate your kitchen, here are some useful steps to create a stress-free kitchen.

The Stress-Free Kitchen Work Triangle

Sink and worktop in a newly refurbished kitchen

The first step toward creating a functional kitchen is the layout. There are various popular kitchen layouts that work great in today’s modern homes. Once you get your kitchen design basics right, you can now plan out the work triangle.

The work triangle combines efficiency, function, and aesthetic between three elements: The stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. The distance between the three points forms an invisible triangle.

The key is to reduce the steps needed between these three points when you’re cooking in the kitchen. You don’t have to run from one corner to another retrieving food from the fridge, cleaning, and cooking if you have an effective work triangle.

Kitchen Storage and Organisation

Everything has its place and it should not be all over the countertop. Organising your kitchen effectively is best for efficiency.

Categorising your kitchen utensils by their type and size helps you to find them when you’re extremely busy. Save time focusing on the cooking task rather than wasting it looking all over the place for one small item. The heat cannot wait when your pot is bubbling and boiling.

For cooking essentials that are frequently used, keep them nearby. Items such as seasoning and spices, trivet mats, pot holders, and oven mitts should be placed within reach. These can be hung or placed in the open for easy access.

Remember, only the heat in your pot should rise, and not your temper.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Surfaces

Food spills and splashes are unavoidable when you are cooking up a storm. Unless you have a good surface cleaner and ample time to scrub stains, installing an easy-to-clean kitchen surface is a great idea.

Kitchen surfaces that are prone to frequent food “accidents” are countertops, backsplashes, and the kitchen floor. There are pros and cons of each type of kitchen surface material.

Among the best low maintenance countertops are quartz and Dekton because of their durability, aesthetics, and hygiene. Besides that, there is no need for resealing these countertops because they are non-porous.

Simplify Your Life with Smart Kitchen Appliances

Controlling smart kitchen appliances using mobile phone at home, IoT concept

We absolutely love smart cooking appliances that help save us a tonne of time! There are so many multipurpose cooking appliances that are inbuilt with timer, heat control, and self-cleaning capabilities.

Busy parents who are multitasking at home will attest to these wonderful gadgets. Elevate your cooking experience by getting more things done in a shorter period when you incorporate these nifty pieces of kitchen tech.

Plenty of Natural Light and Artificial Lighting

Visibility and proper illumination are very important in the kitchen. You need to see what you are doing when you are handling sharp objects and high heat. Grabbing the correct ingredients, spotting stains and crumbs, and cleaning dirty dishes require bright lighting. Otherwise, you might miss a spot or mistake sugar for salt, for example.

Not all HDB kitchens have large windows with natural lighting streaming into the cooking space. If that is the case, ensure that you install ample lighting in your kitchen such as recessed lights, surface lights, and pendant lights.

Good Ventilation

Modern kitchen U-shaped layout with good kitchen ventilation

A hot and stuffy kitchen is no place for today’s modern homeowners

While getting rid of food smells entirely isn’t possible, a good extractor hood and filtering system will address the common issues such as grease, smoke, and odours. Of course, if you have windows, keep them wide open to allow fresh air to circulate.

We also recommend installing a ceiling fan in the kitchen to keep you cool at work. Prepping food for the family should be without breaking a sweat.

Maximise Your Cooking Enjoyment in a Stress-Free Kitchen

Cooking should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. When you create a stress-free kitchen, even the most reluctant chef will be open to give cooking a chance again.

For homeowners who are excited to create their ideal cooking sanctuary, Aurastone offers plenty of kitchen countertop and leak-proof sink solutions. Contact us today for a chat with our in-house experts.


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