Aurastone Quartz Countertops Singapore

As an emerging supplier and fabricator of Quartz and Granite surfaces, AURASTONE is at the forefront of the industry for Excellent Workmanship, Customer Service and choosing the Finest Quality Materials. We strive to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every Residential, Commercial, Healthcare and Hospitality sector.

Our technically trained and experienced team of Direct Sales Consultants are able to answer any queries you might have about our products. Our team of professional Installers work hard to ensure every completed set is something to be proud of. We also maintain a strict lead time from fabrication to installation, so our customers can improve their processes as soon as possible.

AURASTONE is dedicated to adding value for our customers by having unparalleled support from our sales team, continuously learning and improvising on our standards and to offer only innovative high quality products.

AURASTONE - "The Trusted Brand by Interior Designers"