Ever stepped into the kitchen wanting to whip up a meal, only to settle for delivery at last? Ever since you started working from home, you’ve begun to notice every flaw and creak in the old kitchen that you once loved. If you’re refraining from cooking despite staying home, perhaps your kitchen is giving you hints. Can you tell the signs your old kitchen needs a makeover?

1. Outdated Kitchen Design

Historical medieval castle kitchen in Europe

Some kitchens look like a setting from a period drama. Okay, we may be exaggerating, but you get the drift.

What was deemed the rage during our parents’ era may no longer be relevant today. This is the risk of selecting designs based on trends. Unlike fast-fashion, dressing up your kitchen comes at a high cost.

If surviving a kitchen renovation isn’t your cup of tea, it’s always best to pick materials and designs that are proven timeless such as granite, marble, quartz and eco-friendly material such as reclaimed wood.

2. Cramped and Impractical Layout

Finally, you’ve welcomed a new family member. The little kitchen that you used to cook comfortably in is no longer practical for your expanding family. Modern families tend to congregate in the kitchen for socialising and bonding. A cramped kitchen doesn’t allow that.

Besides working in a cramped kitchen, running around in a large kitchen with a poor layout is just as frustrating. You may not have noticed this before. But as you start spending more time in the kitchen, you’ll begin to notice the inefficiencies when the work triangle is almost non-existent.

When cooking becomes a chore, you know it is time for a kitchen upgrade.

3. Leaking Kitchen Sink

Plumber fixing a leaking sink

Depending on the plumbing issues, most blockage and leakage can be fixed. However, if the leakages are causing far more damages that even a plumber cannot solve, you may need to upgrade your sink to a leakproof one such as Aurasink. Water condensation under the sink is not something that can be easily fixed.

Kitchen sinks come in different designs, sizes and weight. If your existing countertop and cabinetry structure are unable to support your new sink, you may need to make adjustments to fit them or replace new ones all-together.

4. Mouldy Cabinets

Mould growth is due to prolong dampness inside the cabinet. The most common reason for mouldy cabinets begins with the sink. Under-sink leakages usually go undetected for a very long time. By the time you discover the whiff of rotting wood, your expensive cabinets are already beyond help.

5. Dim Workspace

Poor lighting in the kitchen may cause food accidents such as picking the wrong ingredient or accidentally hurting yourself while handling sharp utensils. It also makes it difficult to clean because you cannot see where the stains and crumbs are.

6. Discoloured and Damaged Countertop

Over the years of use and abuse, countertops that are not well-maintained take a very painful beating. Countertop materials that are not heat-resistant such as solid surfaces may discolour or warp from exposure to high heat. Besides being unsightly, it may not be safe for food prep because germs could be lurking between the cracks.

7. Insufficient Storage

You have followed the advice of Marie Kondo and tidied up your kitchen. Yet, your cabinet and drawers are filled to the brim. The diagnosis is simple. Your kitchen suffers from insufficient storage.

Storage is something easily taken for granted when you move in. As you start utilising your space, you will realise that a functional kitchen, no matter how minimalist, needs different types of appliances, and more importantly, a variety of food to whip up delicious meals.

This calls for a kitchen facelift to accommodate smarter storage systems for your kitchen materials. You’ll feel the difference when it comes to organising your kitchen, freeing your countertop from unnecessary clutter.

8. Faulty Appliances

Do you have a kitchen full of faulty appliances that only work on good days, and protest on most days? Yet, when the repair is due, you shy away from the repair cost.

If this is the case, it only makes sense to buy new kitchen equipment. The latest kitchen appliances are sleeker and consume lesser energy, saving you money on your utility bill. Check out the star rating before making the purchase. The more stars it has, the more energy-efficient it is.

Another reason why you should upgrade your kitchen appliances is safety. There is a danger in using faulty appliances because they may become a fire hazard.

9. Stubborn Stains on Surfaces

When you’re cooking greasy food, it is common for splatters to happen. The stains could be anywhere – your wall, stove, countertop and floor. The build-up does not happen overnight, but gradually darkens your surfaces and leaving unsightly marks that are too obvious to ignore.

Hence, it is important to select surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, such as Dekton and quartz. Porous surfaces that are left unsealed will absorb oil, water, and any coloured pigments. This makes the surface unhygienic because bacteria thrive in these hard-to-reach places.

10. Furniture and Fittings that are Falling Apart

Young man using electric screwdriver when assembling cupboard in kitchen

A missing door brings a new level to the meaning of open shelving. Though convenient in an odd sense, do you want to put your kitchen stash on display? It’s a welcome gateway for dust particles to accumulate.

On the other hand, broken knobs and jammed drawers make life inconvenient especially when you need to retrieve an item quickly.

Perhaps the two most heart-stopping features would be an unhinged door and a tilted wall cabinet hanging precariously waiting to fall off at the wrong time.

When your kitchen reaches this stage, a kitchen makeover is overdue.

Rekindle the Love for Cooking after a Kitchen Makeover

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new appliances or a major kitchen renovation, a new and improved kitchen will make a whole lot of difference to your cooking experience. Besides being a welcoming sight, you’ll no longer dread having company over. If this doesn’t convince you, perhaps a higher valuation to your property might spur you to get that makeover.

Are you excited to makeover your kitchen? Contact us for an appointment. At Aurastone, our selection of beautiful countertop designs will rekindle your love for your kitchen.

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