Singapore weather conditions keep changing from humid to hot throughout the year, making it impossible to live without an air conditioner. Most people reach for the air conditioner remote when the heat is unbearable. Most HDBs are fitted with at least two air conditioners, hence making them one of the biggest energy consumption devices in the house.

Did you know that it is possible to live without using air conditioners and save on energy bills? In this article, we will give you tips on how to keep your home cool without air conditioning. Here are a few interesting tips to adopt in your home.

1. Use a Fan

Fans seem like an obvious and more reliable solution because they consume less energy than air conditioners. Fans are also known to cleanse the air hence providing some coolness which can make your home a better space for living in. it is also quite easy to install standing fans which you can place at the corner of the room, but for ceiling fans, you might need professional help when installing them.

The key to using a fan instead of an air conditioner is to properly install it. This will ensure that coolness is distributed evenly in the house and that less cost is incurred.

2. Add Indoor Plants to your Home

Plants are known to provide coolness through the transpiration process, in which moisture from the plants is released into the atmosphere. Indoor plants can also add to the aesthetics of your home and make it look stylish and homey. There are many florists who sell indoor plants.

You can place indoor plants in your living room since it’s the most used space and add a few in other rooms. If you decide to settle for plants for cooling your home, ensure that you know how to take care of them, such as pruning and watering, so as to maintain their original appeal.

3. Keep the out Sun

If your windows are very exposed to the sun’s heat, it can make your home too hot to live in. You can prevent too much heat by drawing the curtains and pulling down the blinds. This will create a blocking effect that will put out at least 70% of the sun’s heat.

Other than that, you can keep out the sun by using heat reflecting window films. They work by reflecting the rays of the sun away from the house. They mostly come in clear white sheets to reduce the rays as much as possible.

4. Keep Your Doors and Windows Open at Night

Most people open their doors and windows during the day and close at night. Therefore you should do the opposite of this by opening the doors and windows at night and closing them during the day.

This will ensure that cool air flows into the house at night when the atmosphere and weather outside are a bit cooler and your house will not be hot at night.

5. Keep Your Body Cool

You cannot feel the coolness of the house if your body is also not cool. You should consider cooling your house by drinking cold water often during the day. Frequently drinking water will lower the body temperature as well as ensure that as you sweat, water is still present in your body to give you coolness.

Other than that, you should take a shower at least twice a day. The weather in Singapore is one to encourage you to take a shower. Taking a cold shower or adding some ice to your bath tab water can make your body cool and consequently make your home feel cool without air-conditioning it.

6. Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The bathroom is one of the most humid areas in the house due to the constant running of water when showering; this can even lead to the growth of mold in the bathroom. Too much damp air can make the house feel too hot to live in. This can be controlled by using a bathroom exhaust fan. They work by sucking in all the damp air hence making your home atmosphere dry and cool to live in.


It might seem impossible to live in a house in Singapore without an air conditioner, but there are many ways of keeping the environment of your home cool. You can add plants, use a fan or get a window film. These methods will ensure that your home is cool and you save on energy.

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