Hidden Renovation Costs You Wouldn’t Expect

A renovation is expensive. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But have you considered exactly how expensive it can be?

The average home remodeling costs for the most common type of property in Singapore is $55,000. Yet that cost can quickly climb due to unexpected developments. When you’re juggling so much, it’s easy to overlook the details.

Below are the top 5 hidden renovation costs you wouldn’t expect.

It’s in the Walls

You may think you know the condition of your home, but there’s a secret story behind your walls.

Faults in plumbing or wiring can make up a huge portion of your house renovation cost. Leaks may have caused significant behind-the-scenes water damage you’ll need to fix. Runaway mould might be living rent-free in your premises.

Resolving these issues could all add up to a hefty additional bill – and one you didn’t see coming.

A Change of Plans

Humans aren’t the most decisive creatures, and what looks good on paper may fall flat in reality. And sometimes, life simply intervenes to slash your budget.

Plan Renovation to avoid unexpected costs

Changing your plans midway through the process can incur new expenses as you pay for the cost of reversing work. You’ll also face a completely new quote for the revised work.

Try to be as thorough as possible in the planning phases, and ensure you only renovate when you know you’re in a financial place to see it through. The last thing you want happening is to abandon your renovations halfway through.

Missing the Details

Getting caught up in the big picture of renovation is easy to do. But it could cost you your budget. If you haven’t taken the time to itemise every little cost of your renovation, you could soon find those small details add up to one large figure. Windows, kitchen fittings, even doors could cause significant alternations to your bill.

Give yourself plenty of time to make a complete list of everything you’ll be paying for. Before any work starts, ask your contractor for exact details of what your quote covers.

Permission to Build

If you’re undertaking a significant remodel to your building, then you need to put time into researching permits.

Failing to secure a permit in advance could mean you’re forced to reverse your renovations. Worse, you’ll need to pay the extra to do it. Avoid the possibility by getting your permits sorted in advance.

Information on permits in Singapore is easy to find as they are publicly available on HDB’s website (for the majority of us who are staying in public housing). But we’re still surprised that many people forget to factor in these costs when budgeting for their renovations.

Since we’re in Singapore, just assume that you will need a permit for just about everything you do to your home – from replacing floor tiles to replacing windows to installing grills. Furthermore, do not forget that these permits have time limits.

A Load of Rubbish

You won’t believe the amount of junk a renovation generates until you’re in the thick of it.

clear renovation rubbish costly

That makes it easy to underestimate your costs for debris removal. It’s manual, and you may need to rent a lorry or disposal truck so it can get quick expensive. It’s also an area in which sneaky contractors can inflate the bill, so keep a close eye on what you’re spending.

If any of your debris is likely to include hazardous substances, be sure to account for them in advance.

Removing Door Frame

So, you’ve picked out a brand new door and are excited to fit that in. But how about your old door frame? Did you know that you’ll have to pay for its removal as well? There’s quite a bit of work involved in removing door frames so it can get expensive fast.

door frame removal costs

Keep Renovation Costs Under Control

These are a few examples of the renovation costs that can spiral out of control. By planning for them in advance, you can limit surprises and focus on building your dream home.

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