Ever wondered why some kitchens look so polished and welcoming, while others not so? Is it because of the expensive décor and appliances? Or is it because some homeowners are simply sticklers for kitchen rules.

You do not need a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Manage your kitchen like a champ with these 5 kitchen rules.

1. Seal Your Kitchen Countertop Surface

Understanding the characteristics of your countertop material is important when it comes to maintenance.

Countertops made from granite and marble are porous by nature. Although they are sealed during installation, the sealant will wear off over time.

When the sealant comes off, your countertop is open to moisture and dirt to seep into its crevices. A damp countertop is a haven for germs to proliferate, and that is a huge hygiene taboo when it comes to food preparation.

Black pepper in jars on marble countertop

Hence, it is important to ensure that your countertop is professionally sealed periodically to prolong the lifespan of your kitchen surface.

Alternatively, you can opt for quartz kitchen countertops which are NFS certified. Quartz can be manufactured to mimic the beauty of natural stone and are non-porous. This makes maintaining a quartz countertop much easier.

2. Get the Air Circulating with Proper Ventilation

A kitchen is a lovely haven for delicious aromas, but it is also a place that takes most of the heat during cooking. Those lovely aromas may turn into odours when you do not have proper ventilation.

Baby blue designer kitchen range hood

When you design your kitchen, invest in a range hood right above your stove to safely improve your air circulation and suck up extra grease. Even simple things like opening the windows and doors help to keep your kitchen and home ventilated.

In a small confined space like an HDB unit, bad ventilation will result in your entire home smelling like food 24/7. Odours can absorb into your fabric furniture and curtains.

While smelling like food isn’t always bad, but it isn’t sexy once the smell extends to your living room and bedrooms.

3. Leakproof Your Sink

Your kitchen sink is prone to common plumbing issues like clogged sink and drainage, low water pressure, and leakage.

A clogged sink can happen over a period of time even if you treat your sink with care. This is because hard water contains minerals that will calcify and clog the piping.

On the other hand, sink leakages can be within your control if you install a leakproof sink. Aura Sink has come up with a new installation method that helps prevent leaks.

Aura Sink using Leakproof installation method

For a peace of mind, it is good to cultivate a habit of checking your home for leakage to prevent more expensive damages in future.

4. Go Functional with the Décor

A bare kitchen is cold and uninviting. But that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with the décor. When it is cluttered with various knick-knacks, it becomes a place to harbour dust and dirt. There are bound to be corners where you may have missed out during cleaning.

Take the minimalist approach – where function meets aesthetics. In fact, your kitchen can look outstanding by just investing in contemporary design lighting and high-quality countertop surface.

5. Throw Out the Trash

How many of you are guilty of leaving kitchen trash idly on the countertop for days?

If left for too long, your kitchen waste will start to rot and emit a foul stench. Imagine if you have flouted rule number 2 on ventilation, it would be a double whammy to the olfactory senses.

Besides the stench, food waste is also a magnet for pests like roaches, flies and ants. Do not be surprised when you bump into unwanted company scurrying and hiding in your kitchen.

Golden kitchen rule - throw out the kitchen trash

Make it a daily practice to discard your kitchen refuse after all the cooking is done for the day. One cannot emphasize enough on hygiene when it comes to food preparation.

The high rise housing in Singapore has a rubbish chute conveniently located – there really isn’t an excuse for not taking out the trash.

Roll with These Golden Kitchen Rules

Maintaining your kitchen well is all about following a set of golden rules. Besides high-grade utensils and equipment, consistent upkeep is also important.

Create good kitchen habits and remember to schedule your appointment with the professionals when it is time for servicing your kitchen countertop, sink and even appliances.

If you prefer less maintenance and more function, contact us to enquire about Aura Stone’s beautiful quartz countertops.

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