Quartz countertops are becoming a popular choice among trendy homeowners Singapore. And it’s no wonder why: quartz offers a beautiful design that looks classy and timeless in all homes. They are especially popular in the smaller HDB kitchens, providing both utility and pleasant aesthetics.

Quartz comes in different colours and patterns, so the options are endless.

If you’re looking for new countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, quartz is a fabulous choice. But other than aesthetics, what benefits will you experience? Of course, there are many, including durability and long-lasting wear.

No matter the colour or style, quartz is a popular countertop choice in Singapore.

If you’re not yet tempted, here are 5 reasons why quartz countertops are popular.

1) Quartz is Durable

Quartz is 90% stone, specifically ground quartz, and 10% binding polymers and pigments. Since the great majority is pure stone, quartz is extremely durable. When using quartz in your kitchen, the stone can resist hard objects and heat.

Quartz is also popular with busy (or chaotic) households. If you have kids who more than occasionally bang up the countertops, quartz should be high on your list.

2) Quartz is Non-porous

Quartz countertops are created with a non-porous surface. If there are any spills, there’s no chance the liquid can spill into cracks. This not only means quartz is exceptional in the kitchen, but also your bathroom.

In addition to resisting liquid damage, quartz has little chance of staining. The liquid won’t cause long-term damage, so your countertops will retain beauty for years.

Non-porous also means that there are no nooks and crannies in your stone where food or sauce can seep through and start to rot, spreading bacteria and germs.

3) Easy Maintenance

Have you ever owned natural stone countertops? If you have, then you would know that while they look amazing, they require heavy maintenance to prevent long-term damage and wear. But quartz doesn’t need such heavy maintenance.

Wax and other coating aren’t required to sustain the quality. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning products compromising the countertop’s quality.

4) There are a Myriad of Styles to Choose

As a manufactured product, quartz can be made in a variety of styles and colours to suit the tastes of the day. This is a huge advantage compared to natural stones such as marble or granite where your style options can be limited. This means that you have a better chance finding a quartz countertop to match your kitchen renovations.

5) Quartz Lasts a Long Time

Quartz countertops are manufactured, made largely of stone, are nonporous, and resistant to high degrees of damage. With all of these strengths, you can guarantee your quartz countertops will last you a long time.

Now You Know Why Quartz Countertops are Popular

Quartz is popular in Singapore because it’s durable, can match any home decor, and is a great investment.

Quartz comes in a variety of styles to suit any home and your countertops will last you for years. They are strong against damage and can be used in the bathroom and kitchen.

So if you’re debating which material to use for your countertops, quartz is a great choice. If you need quartz countertops, take a look at our catalogue.

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