The Mario brothers made going in and out of pipes so fun in Super Mario. But in reality, plumbing isn’t a game, and can be a real pain when your sink starts showing signs of wear and tear. While you cannot avoid plumbing problems entirely, you can still manage it with proper sink care and maintenance.

Below are the 4 common plumbing problems that affect your kitchen sink.


1. Clogged Sink and Drainage

The number one plumbing problem most households face is probably a clogged sink.

Oil from dirty dishes clogging the kitchen sink

If you have a habit of washing away food waste, fats and grease right into your sink, there will be a high risk that a clogged sink will happen eventually. A clogged sink filled with food waste and congealed fats can emit a foul stench and attract pests.

A simple way is to use a plunger to loosen up the grime and wash it down with hot water because it helps dissolve grease and oil. Consult a professional plumber if your sink remains clogged as it could be a drainage issue where a plunger simply wouldn’t help.

To prevent blockage, it is good practice to dispose food waste into your garbage bin before washing your dishes in the sink. You will be able to minimise food remnants getting stuck in the drainage.

2. Low Water Pressure

Have you experienced washing your dishes midway and your normal flow of water gradually reduces to a trickle?

Common plumbing problems - low water pressure

You do a quick check with your other taps and the water flow is just fine. Nope, there is no water rationing.

The likelihood for the low water pressure could be a clogged aerator. This happens with hard water that is rich in minerals like calcium.

It is common for calcium and silt to build up and clog the pipes, thus, reducing the flow of water through a narrower passage.

A cheap and simple way to tackle this plumbing problem is to unscrew the aerator and clean it out with vinegar. Acidic substance like vinegar dissolves calcite minerals effectively.

However, if your entire home is experiencing a low water pressure, while your next-door neighbours are not, you might need to check your water main for leakage.

3. Leaking Faucet

The constant sound of dripping water isn’t just an annoyance, it is pure wastage of precious natural resource.

Leaking faucet wasting precious water

Most times, it is just mere carelessness of forgetting to turn off the tap. A quick twist to tighten the head will do.

But it the leak persists, check the O-ring seal. Turning on and off your faucet places some wear and tear over time on the O-ring seal. A simple replacement of the seal will get your tap working perfectly in no time!

4. Leakages Underneath the Sink

Spotting a leaking faucet is easy because it’s visibly in the open. But what happens when the leak is underneath the sink?

This is what we fear the most because a leak that’s away from sight is a ticking timebomb! Leakages underneath the sink are common problems that cause a lot of headache especially when discovered at a later stage.

The moisture trapped in enclosed areas can encourage the growth of mould. If you have wooden fixtures underneath your sink, you may have to kiss it goodbye because prolonged moisture can rot away your wood.

On average, homeowners spend S$2,750 for kitchen cabinet replacements due to sink leakages. Silicone erosion is the main cause of a sink leakage. Traditional topmount and undermount sinks cannot guarantee waterproofing.

Hence, manage your fear by installing a leakproof sink. Aura Sink is installed with a customised clamping system that ensures the silicone dries up with the ridge intact. This new method gives confidence to its leakproof design.

Leakproof Aura Sink design


Most Plumbing Problems Can Be Solved by Practising Good Habits

Most plumbing issues can be resolved with simple DIY methods and practising good habits.

  • Turn off the tap when it is not used.
  • Do not over tighten the faucet so as to prolong the lifespan of your O-ring seal.
  • Dispose your food waste into the garbage bin.
  • Regularly check under your sink for leaks.

Simple habits like these will help prolong your sink’s usage and protect your kitchen cabinet from being damaged.

Nonetheless, if the problem persists, engage a plumbing professional to look into it pronto!

Proper maintenance of your sink will help you save water and increase your home value in the long run.

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