The joy of owning your first home is an exciting milestone for every young adult. For many people, a new home brings new energy and a new start. From getting your keys to completing the renovation, the final step is moving in.

Unless you have purchased a fully furnished home, planning a move can be stressful without proper planning. Below, we share some tips on what to do when you move into your new home.

Preparation before Moving into a New Home

1. Pick a Date

Moving into a new house is a very significant occasion. If you believe in Feng Shui or are superstitious, choosing an auspicious day and time to move in is a must.

Even if you do not subscribe to such beliefs, choosing a date in advance helps you plan ahead and organise your move without chaos.

2. Engage Professional Movers

Depending on what your previous baggage looks like, you may or may not need to engage professional movers. If you are just starting out with not many bulky items, then you may want to refrain from using this service.

However, if you have large and bulky items that cannot fit into your car boot, hiring professional movers will ease your moving plans.

Since you are entrusting them with all your belongings, be sure to select a reputable and reliable mover.

3. Label All Your Boxes

Lady labeling the boxes for moving home

This may sound elementary, but trust us on this one. A simple label on all your boxed items is a time saver when it comes to moving house.

There are a few ways to organise your items: by type or by room. It makes labelling your items much easier without confusing which box goes where.

Labelling all your items visibly helps you organise and keep track of your items during the move. It saves you a lot of time from having to rummage through all your items just to find where is what.

4. Measure Your Room and Furniture

Measuring walls for furniture placement in new home

Do you know the width of all the rooms in your new house? Do you know what is the height of your ceiling? Before you start moving in, take all the relevant measurements of your new home and compare with the measurements of your new furniture.

Once you have clearly noted down these numbers, you can visualise and plan where to place your furniture when it arrives.

On the Day of Moving into New Home

5. Clean Up the House

Woman at home, doing chores and housekeeping, wiping floor with water in living room. Focus on floor and mop

Before you start unpacking all your items, the first thing to do is to clean the house.

If you have bought a BTO unit, renovating it is inevitable. Once the renovation dust settles, you can be sure there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your house, then only you start unpacking and rearranging your furniture and items.

6. Check the Delivered Items

If you have engaged the services of professional movers, you will need to check all your items once they deliver them. This is where your labelling becomes useful.

It makes checking off your items easier because you can identify the contents at a glance.

7. Focus on the Essentials by Room

The process of unpacking all your items can be overwhelming. After cleaning, unpacking, installing and organising, you will be terribly exhausted by the end of the day.

That is why you should tackle room by room and unpack the essentials first. Begin with the main rooms in the house: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The living room, study and storeroom can wait until these three main rooms have been settled.

Next, install all the major appliances in the house and get them up and running. Major appliances include a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, oven, television, desktop computers, home printers, etc. Bits and bobs for decoration, books and collectables can be sorted out later.

8. Recycle the Empty Cartons and Wrappers

Segregating paper and cardboard on green recycle bins

While unpacking, make it a habit to segregate the recyclables and rubbish. Not only will you help conserve the environment with less trash, but your living space will also be much neater and cleaning up will less of a chore.

Are You Ready to Move?

Now that you are equipped with a to-do checklist, go ahead and plan your move. Here are more resources if you need even more house moving tips.

If you are still deciding on your home renovation, Aurastone offers premium quartz countertops and leakproof sinks for your kitchen. Getting your kitchen done right from the start makes a great difference once you move in.

Happy moving!

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