When it comes to kitchen décor, the material used for your countertop can set the theme for your kitchen. Do you love the grand vibe of marble, the boldness of granite, the versatility of quartz or the rustic warmth of wooden countertops?

We have shortlisted three highlights of each class of countertop material below.

Natural Stone Countertops

A modern ktichen with white wood cabinets and new granite countertop

Timeless Appeal

Fans of natural stone countertops love the timeless appeal they exude. The beauty of natural stone lies in their colourful veining and specks. They can easily blend into your home décor, and elevate the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom.

Solid and Heat Resistant

Stone countertops like granite are strong and resistant to heat. Your countertop can take the heat. Run your fingers on the granite surface; it is always cold to the touch.

In terms of toughness, your granite countertop can blunt your knife should you accidentally graze the countertop surface while cutting without a board. Even your glass and crystalware are at risk if you so much so as lightly knock them against the hard surface.

Regular Maintenance

Natural stone is porous. All natural stone countertops need to be sealed before installation. Without sealant, moisture, food particles and dirt may get trapped easily. Moisture and dirt within the pores are a breeding ground for germs. This may be a hygiene concern when you use your kitchen countertop for food preparation. Also, coloured particles and oil that are trapped will stain and ruin your countertop.

Scheduled maintenance is required to ensure your countertop remains in perfect condition. The heavier the usage, the more regular the maintenance.

Quartz Countertops


Aurastone Quartz Samples - Zenith Collection

There is a reason why quartz is the darling material for many interior designers when it comes to the kitchen. This manufactured stone can be designed to mimic natural stone, and it comes in a wide array of colours.

With such versatility, you can easily style your kitchen and bathroom and match the colour scheme according to your desired décor.

Hygienic and Stain Resistant

Quartz is non-porous. This quality also makes quartz stain-resistant and hygienic.

Food, drinks, colour pigment and oil are not able to seep into your countertop surface, unlike wood, granite or marble. When your surface prevents moisture and dirt from getting trapped within the pores, there is little to no chance for bacteria to breed.

Many premium quartz countertops are NSF-approved. With this certification, you can be assured that your countertop maintains the highest standards in terms of safety and hygiene.

Isn’t this an essential quality when it comes to food preparation?

Easy Maintenance

A bright and modern kitchen with quartz countertops

Taking care of your quartz countertop is a breeze. You need not worry about etching, scratching and staining.

Because it doesn’t require sealing, there is no yearly maintenance cost to worry about. A simple wipe clean is all it takes to preserve your countertop like new.

Wooden Countertops

Rustic Charm

Polished wooden countertop block for kitchen

If you love the warmth of nature, wooden elements bring life to the kitchen. A polish wooden countertop with its beautiful natural grains will effortlessly transform your kitchen into a charming rustic haven.

This is something only wooden countertops can achieve, hands down.


With more emphasis on going green, the production of wooden countertops is getting more eco-friendly. You can repurpose reclaimed wood into beautiful wooden countertops.

And when your wooden countertop has lost its use, you can recycle and repurpose it. This prevents it from clogging the landfill.

Worst case scenario: Wood may rot, and can eventually be composted without harming Mother Earth.

Prone to Damage

Wooden countertops are prone to scratches and stains. Like natural stone, it needs to be regularly sealed to maintain its beauty.

You’ll need to exercise caution when using your wooden countertop. A wooden countertop isn’t as tough as stone countertops. It can easily be dented or scratched.

Always use a cutting board when you are chopping and cutting food. Unlike granite, your knife will be perfectly safe on a wooden surface. But your wooden surface, not so.

Water and wood aren’t best friends as it can lead to wood rot. It is paramount to always keep your wooden countertop dry.

Which is the Countertop for You?

Selecting the right material for your kitchen and bathroom countertop may be difficult when you are spoilt for choice. The array of Pinterest-worthy images may tempt you into selecting something impractical. Besides aesthetics, you should also account for durability, maintenance and cost while making your decision.

The perfect countertop for your new home is the one that is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and effortlessly beautiful.

For beautiful premium quartz countertops, Aurastone boasts a wide selection of NSF-certified countertops. Contact us for an appointment.

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