While browsing for premium quartz countertops, you may come across this name: Silestone. So, what exactly is Silestone? And what makes Silestone countertops so special compared to quartz?

What is Silestone?

Silestone is an engineered stone that is made up of 94% natural quartz. But isn’t this similar to quartz?

The reason why people often use quartz and Silestone interchangeably is that they are the same. Silestone is one of the leading brands for quartz by Cosentino, an Italian natural stone company. Quartz, on the other hand, is the general name of the material that may come under the names of various brands.

What Makes Silestone Quartz Countertop Your Preferred Choice?


Silestone makes the perfect countertop for kitchens and bathrooms because of its water resistance. The kitchen and bathroom are constantly in contact with moisture. With such low porosity, there is no way for water to absorb into the surface. You’ll never have to worry about water stains and mouldy countertops again.

Stain Resistant

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Since it is non-porous, there will be no absorption of water and any other liquid or coloured pigments into your Silestone surface. This makes it stain resistant.

Any spills, handprints, and oily patches can be easily wiped off without creating smudges and stubborn stains on your countertop. This is a selling trait for families with young boisterous children. Cleaning and tidying with young children can be challenging. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to clean up and maintain a beautiful kitchen countertop with Silestone.

Acid Resistant

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Unlike natural stone such as marble, Silestone quartz is extremely resilient when it comes to preparing food of any kind. It will not react to acidic food like lemon, vinegar, etc.

If you dripped any acidic compound onto marble and left it there forgotten, you’ll be crying to find your beautiful surface etched. Such unfortunate incidents, you’ll never encounter with Silestone quartz.

Shock Resistant

Silestone absorbs impact better than other materials on the market. This is due to the resin composition used to fill the gaps between the crushed quartz.

The resin compound provides a cushion to distribute the impact across the material. That is why quartz does not crack as easily as granite when hit with a large force.

Scratch Resistant

Say goodbye to ugly scratch marks. Silestone quartz countertops are highly scratch resistant. Normal chopping and cutting will not harm your countertop.

Hygienic Countertop with Easy Maintenance

Keeping your Silestone quartz countertop in excellent condition is as simple as ABC.

Silestone has developed a technology called N-BOOST to elevate Silestone’s aesthetics and functionality. N-BOOST is a special treatment that targets the material surface on a molecular level to boost its technical properties. Not only does it make cleaning and maintenance easier, but it also boosts the aesthetics of the stone with more colour intensity and shine.

Wide Range of Colours and Textures

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With Silestone, visual elegance is elevated with the right touch and feel. Silestone offers a wide selection of colours and textures. With more than 100 hues to choose from, you can combine it with the various finishes such as Polished, Suede or Volcano.

The flexibility in selecting the combo of your choice allows you endless creativity in designing your dream kitchen.

Innovative Design

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When it comes to innovation, Silestone offers new patentable products like the integrated sink and ultra-thin mesh mounted tiles. These kitchen solutions allow you to expand the design of your kitchen countertop to include these elegant features.

Silestone Comes with 25 Years Warranty

One of the outstanding benefits of owning a Silestone countertop is the warranty. Despite being almost indestructible, Silestone offers consumers a 25-year warranty for its kitchen countertops.

Now, that’s a long time! It is the strongest warranty you can find in the market among its counterparts. Doesn’t that assure you that your countertop is of the highest quality?

Stand Out with Silestone Quartz Countertops

Silestone makes an excellent surface for your countertops, bathroom, floor and wall cladding. Using the only minimum number of joints, you can create almost seamless designs from your countertop, sink, floor to wall.

If you are looking for an outstanding countertop with superior quality, amazing design and high functionality to suit your busy lifestyle, Silestone is among the best in its niche.

Silestone is distributed nationwide in Singapore. Enquire with us at Aurastone today.

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