living with colours LOUVE by Aurastone is a collection of premium terrazzo stones. This surface is sustainable material that is comprised of crushed quartz, marble and granite stones to craft its unique modern and colorful aesthetic. With cement as its base, it is extremely hard and highly durable, making it scratch, stain, impact and heat […]

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A masterpiece innatural stone DOMUS by Aurastone is a collection of premium natural granite stones. Revered for its beauty and durability, the timeless appeal of the natural veins and aesthetics of DOMUS is unmatched by other countertops. As a natural stone, no two pieces will ever look alike, making it a truly unique piece that

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Sustainable innovationinfinite possibilities MYSA by Aurastone is an ultra compact sintered stone that marries stunning stone designs with the robustness to withstand the everyday challenges of a life lived to the fullest. MYSA consists of a blend of raw materials that are compacted under immense pressure and then baked under intense heat to create an

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Design & Functionality Aurastone is both the name of our company as well as our collection of premium quartz stones. We have been a trusted supplier, fabricator and installer of quartz stones in Singapore for years and have worked with many interior designers, homeowners and business owners. At AURASTONE, our mission is to help you

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