For young couples, somewhere down the future, you may expect the patter of little feet at home. When buying a new HDB together with the hopes of building a family home, it’s good to note down the features that make your unit a kid-friendly home.

A kid-friendly home does not need to look like a kindergarten set. That are many timeless designs that are practical and chic – Your home won’t run out of style even when your children have grown. Best of all, the versatility of these features is what makes your home senior-friendly.

Below are 8 features of a kid-friendly home.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Slippery floors are dangerous for everyone, more so when there are children and the elderly involved. When it comes to slip-resistant flooring, luxury vinyl tiles are a great addition to your home. Vinyl tiles are available in many designs and textures, from elegant stone to hardwood flooring designs. The surface of vinyl flooring is coated with an anti-slip solution, making it both water-resistant and long-lasting.

Create More Space for Children to Play

Spacious room for kids to play and study

Less is more. When you are arranging the layout of your furniture, create an open space to allow your children to play freely and explore in a safer environment. With less clutter and furniture in the area, it is easier to monitor them when you are working in the kitchen or dining area. Also, there are lesser risks of accidents.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

You can’t run away from messy kids, especially when they are at the age of exploration, learning and trying to perfect their motor skills. So, do expect “artwork” such as oily handprints on various surfaces, spills on floors, splatters everywhere and any possible mess you can imagine.

This is when you will truly appreciate stain-resistant and low maintenance surfaces for the amount of cleaning that is expected. Countertops are one of the most used areas in a busy household. With heavy usage, it is prone to dirt and grime. With a low maintenance countertop such as quartz, cleaning it is effortless.

Furniture and Fittings with Rounded Edges

Brother and sister jumping on the sofa in the living room

With all the jumping and running, it’s always possible for kids to hit themselves onto the edges of furniture. It’s every parent’s nightmare when children accidentally bump their heads onto sharp corners. Having furniture with rounded edges will reduce the likelihood of a severe gash that requires stitches.

Glossy Finish Paint for Walls

There will be a time in every parent’s life where your walls will turn into a canvas for your kids. When that stage arrives, say farewell to your beautiful and clean walls.

Thankfully, there are wall paints that make cleaning your walls so much easier. Semi-glossy and glossy paint finishes are great for homes with young children. Due to the smooth and durable surface, it is easier to wipe off stains and smudges from the wall without ruining the paint surface.

Health and Hygiene Features

Young children playing with chocolate in the kitchen

When it comes to your family’s wellbeing, ultimately you want to use only eco-friendly materials that are safe for your children. This means selecting products with low to zero VOC emissions and food-grade materials. Kids love putting things into their mouths, and the last thing you want to worry about is a contaminated item entering their system.

Many premium quartz countertops are antimicrobial and NSF-certified. If you’ve seen young children eat, they do pick up dropped food off the countertop. Knowing that your countertop is hygienic and meets food safety requirements will reduce your worry about them getting food poisoning.

Plenty of Storage

Homes with kids house plenty of toys. Unless you want your home to look like a cluttered toy store or a toy museum, having ample storage to put the toys away is a good idea. Storage bins and baskets are an amazing addition to the home. They are portable, stackable and easy to use especially when you are training your young ones to pick up after themselves.

Sturdy Furniture

Active young children enjoy climbing and grabbing hold of things. Certain furniture may pose a safety hazard to an active and curious child. Items such as a standing mirror, tall cabinet, glass coffee table or any flimsy furniture may tip over or break and cause grievous hurt to your child.

To prevent unwanted accidents from happening, make sure to secure your furniture firmly to the wall, or buy anti-tip fasteners or furniture that are firm and sturdy.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Home Suitable for all Generations

Elder sister and younger sister playing puzzle at the round coffee table in the living room

When designing a kid-friendly home, there are a few aspects to consider: safety, hygiene and ease of maintenance. Most importantly, you must leave room for your kids to learn and grow in a safe and fun environment.

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