When you enter a beautiful and classy kitchen, do you automatically start counting the cost? There is a common misconception among homeowners that stylish kitchens usually cost a bomb. Looking expensive doesn’t have to cost you a fortune if you know how to style your kitchen well.

While stunning kitchens can be pricey, you can still pull off an expensive look without breaking your bank account.

Learn how to achieve that expensive look in your kitchen with these 6 tips.

1. Clean and Thematic Minimalist Look

Sometimes, less is more. Showcase your kitchen’s clean sleek lines by aim for the minimalist look. Try an understated coloured theme for easier styling.

Kitchen that looks expensive with less

In many of our articles, we can’t stress enough about maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment. There are 2 areas where you can work on:


No one likes to see bits and pieces of paper, receipts, catalogues, empty plates and utensils strewn all over the countertop. Remember, even with an expensive kitchen countertop, the value will not shine through under all that clutter.


Many of you turn your fridge door into a travel journal of sorts with your souvenir magnets from your different holiday destination. For a homely feel, that should be all right. But if you are trying to achieve a classier look, consider removing those holiday magnets and even kiddy artwork (sorry, children) off your fridge.

When you need to accessorise, select only a few key pieces that will bring out the best of your kitchen façade.

2. Affordable Artwork

Deck your kitchen wall with artwork, and we aren’t talking about those kiddy drawings from your children nor those pieces sought by art collectors.

Art decor for kitchen walls

You do not need to be a rich art collector to own artwork. There are many places where you can scour for affordable art pieces and art prints. Pay a visit to your nearest art and craft shops or even flea markets.

A piece of artwork can amp up your kitchen’s ambience by providing a pop of colour and some character to a minimalist ambience. A piece or two adorning the bare walls will certainly add charm and personality to your kitchen.

Hint: Art need not only refer to canvas paintings. Even sculptures, wine bottles or framed vintage silverware can make interesting artwork.

3. Stylish Backsplash

Elegant backsplash illuminated by undercabinet lighting

Besides art pieces, a stylish backsplash can add visual interest to your kitchen. Your backsplash can act as a feature wall if you choose your design and colours well. Just ensure your backsplash complements the entire theme of your kitchen.

4. Add Beautiful Lighting Features

No two rooms look the same under different lighting. And while you’re at, why not select pretty lighting as part of the functional décor?

Fancy pendant lighting to beautify kitchen

Pendant lights look classy and add stylish charm if you have a kitchen island. If you have a neutral coloured backsplash, you can accentuate its hues by installing undercabinet lights. Not only is it functional, it adds warmth and elegance to the entire kitchen setting.

In fact, with the many beautiful designs in the market, lighting is an art expression in itself.

5. Replace Old Cabinet Doors and Handles

If your cabinet doors are looking drab and old, a new set of doors can refresh the look and feel of your kitchen.

However, if you are not looking to change your cabinets, even a small detail like the cabinet handles can make a whole lot of difference. Replace your old handles with sleek stainless-steel ones for a more modern appeal.

6. Quartz Countertop

Many people love the look of marble because it exudes such grandeur. While marble countertops are super appealing, they come at a heftier price tag and higher maintenance.

If you want to achieve that timeless marble look, opt for quartz countertops. They come in an array of colours and styles, and can even mimic the look of natural stones. Best of all, you needn’t fret about maintenance as quartz countertops are durable and hygienic.

Swirls and patterns on quartz for kitchen counters

For its aesthetics and functionality, it’s no wonder why quartz has endeared itself to many interior designers.

Look Expensive for Less

Remember, you cannot buy class with money. Sure, if you can afford quality materials, go all out for it. Good quality material and appliances will usually save you money in the long run.

But do not fret even if you can’t afford keeping up with the Joneses. With a keen eye for style and design, you can still achieve that expensive kitchen look without having to perform a major makeover.

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