In feng shui, there are 5 energy elements that work in harmony: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. The key is to create a balance for all 5 of these elements to achieve a harmonious atmosphere. There are feng shui essentials that you can use to enhance the positive energy within the home to attract joy, health and wealth.

Below are 5 feng shui essentials that you can use to improve your home.

1.    Clear Open Spaces

Main Entrance

Spacious and clean entrance to the hallway

The main entrance of your home is very important. It is the gateway to attract positive energy into your home. Hence, it is important to keep your entrance devoid of clutter.

Other Parts of the Home

Create more living space within your home to allow the smooth flow of energy. You may argue that many new HDBs have limited space because the sizes are getting more compact over time. However, there are many ways to maximise your home’s potential with smart storage ideas.

2.    Clean and Clutter-free Home

Modern kitchen with gray tile floor and white wall

A clean and clutter-free home attracts positive and fresh energy. Hence, keeping your home clean and tidy is paramount to good feng shui.

Too many things at home will only block the flow of energy. Cleaning becomes more challenging when there is clutter everywhere. When cleaning becomes too much of a chore, you’ll slowly slack off and dust will find a way to settle. The energy that stagnates will eventually turn stale. It’s a vicious cycle.

To overcome clutter, practise tidying up your home using Marie Kondo’s famous Konmari method. As for cleaning your surfaces, be sure to give your countertops a good wipe daily to keep the dust away. Porous countertops require more maintenance than non-porous ones. If you are looking for a low maintenance premium countertop, quartz surfaces are highly recommended.

3.    Flowing Water Element

Decorative indoor fountain for feng shui

Flowing water represents the movement of Qi and wealth. As such, water fountains are popular as an interior and exterior décor piece.

Placement of the fountain is important. With the guide of a feng shui expert, place it in the most strategic area of your home to activate your wealth corner. The water fountain should not be blocking your main entrance, nor should it be placed in your bedroom because it will douse the fiery passion of marital activities.

Another important point is the direction of water flow. The water should always be flowing you’re your home and not vice versa. After all, you want to invite wealth into your home, and not flush it out.

Ensure your fountain is not broken. A broken fountain stagnates the flow of energy. Also, it provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes if the water remains stagnant.

4.    Gold is the Colour of Wealth

Invite wealth into your home with a little Midas touch in your interior design. This exquisite colour is a symbol of wealth. If you are not a fan of displaying gold-coloured ingots around your home as décor, you can still add a tinge of gold into your furniture and fittings.

Try incorporating a sleek gold channel around your kitchen island and cabinets and gold trimmings for your curtains. For a more modern appeal, you can install a rose gold faucet to complement your dark granite sink for your bathroom and kitchen.

While gold can provide a luxurious touch to your interior design, the colour should resonate positively with you and blend well with your overall décor. Too much gold may overwhelm your home, making it look too gaudy and outdated. The key to applying gold in your home is balance, so keep it classy.

5.    Live Plants Enhances the Wood Element

Mother-in-law's tongue plant for indoor decoration

Beautify your home with the lush greenery of live plants. Live plants represent nature, which signifies abundance. Popular plants that are easy to care for are the money plant, ficus, mother-in-law’s tongue, lucky bamboo and the Golden Pothos.

If you are thinking about a plastic plant, abandon this thought because it does not generate any energy for the home. Sure, it’s easier to care for a plastic plant, but a live one has the ability to produce the necessary energy in which we thrive on. Live plants generate oxygen in the morning when they photosynthesise the sunlight.

A dead or diseased plant represents bad feng shui. So, take care of your plants and nurture them, and they would reward you with plenty of positive energy, and fresh air.

Feng Shui Essentials for a Harmonious Home

Whether you’re a believer or practitioner, many basic feng shui essentials can be explained by science especially when it comes to hygiene, health hazards and the benefits of plants. And if you can improve your home aesthetics with a little feng shui, why not?

Feng shui is about striking balance. By balancing all 5 elements within your home, it creates a harmonious environment for a happy and healthy living. And health is wealth.

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