10 Work from Home Office Essentials for an Effective Home Office Setup

Working from home requires the basic setup of a computer, Internet, and mobile phone. These tools allow you to work remotely whenever you need to. However, as the pandemic has overstayed its visit, working from home is set to be the new norm. As such, do you have all the work from home office essentials to boost your productivity?

Below are recommended work from home office essentials for an effective home office setup.

Adjustable Standing Office Desk

Uniq Black Quartz Office Desk

The desk is essentially your workstation. Sure, you can work at your coffee table in the living room or at the dining table. But, it’s going to be quite disruptive having to clear up when meals are served, or your family members want to lounge in the living area.

Hence, getting an office desk is a better solution to place all your home office essentials in one area. We recommend buying an adjustable standing desk to meet your working needs. Not only are adjustable standing desks the new in thing, but there are also many benefits associated with using a standing desk for work.

Unix Singapore has created Uniq, the world’s first quartz standing desk. Versatile, elegant, and tech-integrated, the desk shines as a stylish focal point in your home office. A simple touch on the control panel allows you to adjust the height seamlessly to your most comfortable sitting and standing position.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Vantage Ergonomic Office Chairs

In a temporary office setup, sitting on a plastic stool would suffice. However, if you’re working long-term, you’ll want to invest in a good-quality office chair that offers support and comfort.

Home-grown local brand Vantage offers premium ergonomic support chairs at affordable prices. Best of all, the chairs come with back and head pillows for an ultimate comfortable working experience.

Desk Lamp

Do you find yourself more productive at night? Especially when you have young children, working during the day can be quite chaotic. A desk lamp will provide the right illumination for your workspace, more so when the room’s overhead lights are casting shadows while you work. A lamp will help ease the strain on your eyesight.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Listen and sound better with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Tune out the background noises while at work. It helps you focus better during meetings, or when you are deep in the flow of work.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Modern wireless mouse and keyboard on office desk

Minimise the wires and unnecessary cables while you are at work. Keep your office desk sleek and neat with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Should you require a change of atmosphere, these wireless gadgets provide you the mobility you need to take them around with you, minus the clumsy tangled cords.

Phone Holder

Minimalist wooden mobile phone holder

A phone holder helps keep your phone upright while you are multitasking. This leaves your hands free to type away on your keyboard while taking a face-to-face call, listening to a podcast, or catching up on the latest business news.

Document File Tray

Don’t waste time sorting through files and papers. Instead of stacking up your documents and files in a pile, keep them organised in a multi-tiered tray.

Knowing where to find your documents when you’re super busy does help keep you sane and productive. Also, an organised and tidy desk makes cleaning and dusting so much easier.

Stationery Holder

Are you always losing your small stationery such as your pens, clips, and staplers? Even at home, it’s easy to misplace them when you have young kids around. A stationery holder is a must-have for your work desk.

Notepad or Organiser

Personal organiser and pen to write down appointments

When you’re in a meeting, taking notes on paper is sometimes much faster than typing them out on the computer. Have a notepad or organiser readily available to scribble important notes, telephone numbers, deadlines, and to-do lists.

For the zero-wasters, how about reusing the empty side of printed papers as a notepad? You can bundle them with a clip and use them for note-taking. Once you’re done reusing them, you can recycle the papers.

Paper Shredder

For employees who are dealing with a lot of sensitive data, recycling your paper documents in their original form is a risk. Instead of manually tearing up the sheets of paper, get a paper shredder for your personal home use.

Even if you do not work with confidential company information, the paper shredder is useful for your bank statements and any document that contains your personal data.

Work From Home Like a Pro

Working from home is going to stay, so you might as well make your home office more comfortable. Turn your home office into a high productivity space with these work from home office essentials. Now, you can get far tasks more done when you have your workstation set up effectively!

Happy working from home!

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